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10 Dec 2012

As we know,honor points are one of the new two PvP currencies in wow. They replace the identically-named Honor points, Arena points, and various other forms of currencies and tokens in use before that point. Honor Points can be exchanged for wow gold rewards from the Champions' Hall in Stormwind in Alliance and from the Hallof Legends in Orgrimmar in Horde. Where to spend honor points Alliance and Horde in MoP ?

Spend Honor Points in Alliance
The normal cap of honor points will be 4,000 (paralleling Justice points). If players are granted more than 4,000 honor points as a result of this one-time conversion, they will be unable to earn any more until the excess has been spent. Any honor points in excess of 4,000 will immediately be converted to gold at a rate of 35 per honor point.

Spend Honor Points in Horde
Horde PvP gear can be found at the Hall of Legends in Org basically in the same area as before in Wrath. Alliance PvP gear is in the building to the right just outside the stone walkway that leads into the yard with the training dummies and wow pandaria gold and where the JP/VP gear can be bought at in Old Town in SW.

Honor points or rewards refers to items and special benefits made available to characters based on honor. They are best spent on obtaining pvp gear. In conjunction with the hotfix removing the reputation requirements to access the JP gear, it should be considerably less of a hassle -- and involve a lot less PVPing -- to gear up for heroics. The downside is that the PVP gear you probably bought just to cheat the queueing system is a little worse.

From the above statements, you can easily find the place where to spend honor points Alliance and Horde in MoP. If you'd like to know more about wow guide or buy cheap wow gold news,you can check out at .


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